Our Services

DCG strives to attain excellence by providing the finest quality in both products and services for our valued customers. Our convenient one-stop solution offers services ranging from sourcing, design, manufacture to retail operation consultation, thereby providing ease and efficiency at the best value to our customers.

Our employees partake in regular training and seminars to ensure comprehensive product knowledge and understanding of the newest market trends. All of this goes to serve our customers, as we believe nothing is more important than a satisfied customer. Our strong management team is composed of international experts possessing thorough industry knowledge, high language proficiency and strong alignment to our corporate vision to guarantee the quality of our services.

Our professional sourcing and manufacturing team are responsible for our success in commercial export. Our production base at set up in Hong Kong and Dong Guan. We provide on-going and complete services from raw material purchase, product development and merchandising for our production units. Our team provide customised services for each of our clients.

In the digital age, DCG has expanded its corporate capabilities to managing and operating e-commerce platforms with strong growth. Our e-commerce teams are adept at China based platforms such as Taobao, T Mall, JD as well as online wholesale management.

DCG provides an ideal platform for brands and partners who are posed to enter the mainland market. We have over 40 years of production and management expertise as well as unique market insight that are valuable resources for setting up new ventures in the Greater China region.


Our dedicated team of merchandizers is the backbone to our strongly positioned product chain. Capitalizing on globalization, our team are able to source materials and new production processes from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe and China, bringing together synergies for our retail stores and partners alike.

In addition, DCG implements Flexible Resource Management systems to ensure that raw materials are aligned to production stages such as weaving, dying, sewing and logistics, are divided into production units and regions to optimize on quality and end-consumer value.

Research and Development

We pride ourselves in our innovative materials and exceptional fitting. Our experienced in-house R&D team is able to design and develop products of the highest caliber guaranteed to meet your business expectations.

Our R&D department has successfully introduced novel fabrics and materials such as “Modal”, “Tencel”, “Supima cotton” into the China market in the early 2000s. This reinforced our market position as a leader in high quality fabrics, pioneering the landscape of our current competitors. We recognize that an outstanding design makes a world of difference, therefore we have heavily invested in our design teams located in Hong Kong and Milan. All our designers are experienced in international trends, pattern making and grading, especially in the production of undergarments and home-wear.

Moreover, DCG strongly in nurturing new talent, and we work with renowned universities such as Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Tsing Hua Arts Academy to support their students with work and collaboration opportunities.

Our designers are always on top of the market trends thereby providing our clients with the new products and creative choices to meet the ever-changing market challenges.


With over 300 machines in DCG’s fully modernized and ISO9000 certified factory, our skilled workers are capable of producing the highest standard of products. These state-of-the-art facilities are constantly under revision to provide our clients with first-class products and services.

Our automated manufacturing capabilities ensure efficiency from pattern division, material cutting, assembling, packaging as well as to perform quality checks. Furthermore, our dedication to quality guarantees a fully equipped laboratory and stringent testing procedures, inclusive of color fastness, pH, bleaching, pilling etc. All of which ensure products of highest quality and to meet international standards.


Quality is one of our core values; we view quality control as one of our utmost important tasks.

Our strict quality control team ensures that all our chosen materials pass through a rigorous safety and quality regime to guarantee that our products never fall short of excellent. We adhere to the AQL International Standard System so that production is carefully monitored to minimize defects.

Our people are constantly trained with on the most updated information on material specifications, product safety and vendor compliance to ensure we deliver only the best products to our clients.


With over two decades of retail experience in Greater China, our team has established strong working relationships with a wide variety of mainland retail networks, allowing us to secure prime locations for stores.

We are able to provide services in retail expansion, whether in upmarket malls or in renowned department stores, throughout Greater China.

With our experience in positive corporate brand expansions, we are able to offer experience-based consultation and support on the retail operations, such as designing, merchandising, distribution, marketing and branding, to support new business expansions and growth objectives in China.