Business Strategy


DCG's mission is to be the leading, strategic partner for businesses.

Who are we?

Dragon Crowd Group (“DCG”) and its subsidiaries are an industry leader in garments sourcing, logistic, clothing retail and e-commerce in China. The company began manufacturing high-quality knitted garments for Japanese exports in the 1960s, soon after the export business expanded into the China and European markets as well. Presently, the manufacturing division of DCG specializes in quality knitted apparels including undergarments, home-wear and functional sportswear for men, ladies and children.

Over the next few decades, DCG evolved by vertically integrating from a simple export manufacturer to a multi-faceted sourcing, production, marketing, and retail operation. The group’s extensive retail network has seen DCG’s brands open over 600 stores collectively over 104 cities in China.

Since 2012, the group has continued to expanded their brand assets and business operations through acquiring and operating retail brands with strong heritages.

Our Vision

To be conscientious market leaders: We offer valuable services, knowledge and experience to improve the lives of our communities, businesses and individuals.

Our Mission

We commit to constantly challenging ourselves to generate value for our partners and consumers through quality products and services, innovative solutions and sustainable results.

Our Future

Going forward, it is clear that China will remain a formidable economic power and one of the most important retail markets in the world. Increasingly international brands are attracted to this highly lucrative market.

DCG is opportunely positioned to utilize our resources and experiences to further enhance the effectiveness of business ventures in China.

In lieu of retail branding successes such as SCHIESSER and GUSELLA, we are interested in developing further business concepts with other renowned brands that share our philosophy of quality and excellence.

Our Markets

Our company highly values our customer experience and satisfaction; DCG places great emphasis on providing unparalleled customer service, value-added industry expertise and timely delivery. We are proud that these timeless values remain relevant and are an immovable core to our business philosophy, especially when meeting the challenges of the rapidly evolving global economy.