Dragon Crowd’s History

Dragon Crowd’s story began as a textile manufacturer back in the 1960s. The company opened its first factory in Hong Kong in 1969. And throughout the 1970s, the business’s growing success meant that the group expanded its manufacturing base to the Philippines, Bangladesh and China. To this day, DCG’s manufacturing prowess and export business cover extensive areas in Asia and Europe.

In 1976, Dragon Crowd Group became a supplier for SCHIESSER and their high quality garments. The business venture was very successful, leading to further cooperation between the two parties throughout the next 20 years. Dragon Crowd Enterprises became a licensee in 1996 and proceeded to set up the first SCHIESSER consignment stores and self-operating retail shops in the Guangdong province.

Throughout the 1990s, DCG was able to firmly establish SCHIESSER’s market position as the leader in quality undergarments despite fierce competition, echoing the success in Germany. By 2000, DCG has set up 200 POS in 14 major mainland cities.

In view of DCG’s achievement in launching the SCHIESSER brand in China and the strong market understanding its management team possessed, Schiesser AG firmly believed that DCG could take SCHIESSER’s business to the next level. As a result, Schiesser AG sold the SCHIESSER brand rights to DCG in 2003.

In 2006, the first SCHIESSER lingerie collection was launched, SCHIESSER Damen. Shortly after SCHIESSER PLATINUM, a premier luxury undergarment brand was launched. PLATINUM was very well received and remains to this day a market leader in the high-end undergarments business.

Presently, our retail network has spanned over 70 major mainland cities and districts with more than 680 sales points: DCG directly managed 380 POS and appointed distributors oversee the rest. Our group has over 2,000 staff employed in different regions.

In 2012, DCG ventured into the Children's wear with SCHIESSER Kinder. The group also acquired Gusella, the renowned brand of Italy Children's footwear. In 2014, Gusella’s rapid growth and positive reception led to the opening of branches in Mainland China and Hong Kong, in April and November respectively. The headquarters of Gusella are based in Milan, Italy– where we have faithfully kept the Italian heritage of design and quality.